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It might be time for a new pillow…

Is your neck feeling stiff when you wake up? Are you starting the day with a headache? Neck pain and headaches first thing in the morning tend to point to one thing… you need a new pillow!

Welcome to our November blog, can you believe there’s only one month ‘til the fat man in the red suit comes? This month, we’re talking about something that could make a big impact to your daily life: Chiropractic pillows. But how do you know that you even need one? There are a number of factors to take into consideration when purchasing a new pillow. Let’s discuss!

Signs of a tired pillow

We spend a third of our life in bed, so you can see why having a good pillow could change your life! Your health is an investment - so your pillow should be too. Some common warning signs we see are:

· Restless sleep: Restlessness will often go hand in hand with neck and shoulder pain. Restless sleep can also put pressure on the body and hinder the recovery process.

· Waking fatigued: This is a key indicator that your pillow may be worn out. When the body holds onto tension, it cannot properly enter a relaxed state. The body needs to enter a fully relaxed state to produce quality sleep, which proves difficult when you’re uncomfortable or tense during the night.

· Chronic neck or shoulder pain: Neck and shoulder pain that won’t budge with treatment may be an indicator that your pillow is a culprit in this situation. Flat pillows or those that are too firm are the common suspects and may cause neck and shoulder pain.

These issues can lead to worse effects on the body when chronic pain is accelerated by fatigue. If the body is not properly rested, it cannot heal itself effectively (as most of our healing happens during sleep!)

How are Chiropractic pillows better for my body?

A Chiropractic pillow will have contours that support the normal curvature of the neck, allowing the spine to rest. This is especially important for side sleepers. If you rest on a flat pillow on the side of your body, your spine will be unnaturally curved. This can cause stress and tension. A good pillow, such as a Chiropractic pillow, will align the body when lying on the side.

Some Chiropractic pillows will have a high and low peak. These pillows are especially supportive to back sleepers, as they align the neck, whilst normal pillows will put the neck on an unnatural angle which can lead to pain.

Chiropractic pillows are often referred to as Cervical pillows - the name pertaining to the part of the spine the pillows can support. The pillows are often made of super breathable memory foam, which helps the body to regulate temperature, which can stimulate good sleep. Some pillows are also inflatable, making them portable and convenient for travel.

Chiropractic pillows will help with supporting the neck, allowing the body to hold a good sleeping posture and help prevent headaches due to muscle tension. Chiropractic pillows are often designed with two peaks; an indentation in the middle of the pillow allows for a larger peak at the top of the pillow and another peak at the bottom. This form will cradle the neck properly, especially when lying on the back and on the side.

To summarise, Chiropractic pillows can help the body hold good sleeping posture, which can be a great preventative measure for headaches, neck pain and restless sleep. Talk to us for advice on whether Chiropractic pillows are right for you. Until next month, stay well rested!

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